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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

As I sit here in deep thoughts, I take the time to write this letter while listening to Maxwell’s Woman’s Work as it paints a mental picture. Each stroke from my pencil begins to bring that image to motion. A picture that expresses a burning desire I’m feeling in which words from the mouth alone cannot explain. So I write this letter, only through this letter can I paint the image I am currently imagining. I see the images of a candle lit room with a blue lighting and slow songs to set the mood. The soothing sounds of the rain plays its role outside. In this room sits you and me in a conversation in which sex is the topic of discussion we are discussing. Where’s your sweet spot, what is your favorite position, discussing our freaky sides, what like and etc. 3 Piece begins to sing exactly what’s on my mind, Shorty give me a sign. As our hearts races, I glaze into your eye which is the only sign I need. I move in for a kiss, a kiss so passionate with enough sparks to set more fireworks than July 4th. Nice and slowly my lips make its way down your neck. From there I begin to unbutton your shirt button by button. As your soft hands caress my body I gently press my tongue against your skin sliding it from your chest down your stomach. Slowly I begin to work my way down savoring each tasty moment. You begin to shake while biting your lips trying to hold every sound back; you breathe deeply sexually beginning to softly moan sounds and words of pleasure. Sadly my vision begins to fade as Maxwell’s woman’s work dies down. A vision in which I wish was more than just that an imagination. Oh how I wish I can hold you, kiss you and lick you until the last drop……



Sex Talk

Name the time you received an anonymous or love letter. Did you find the letter hot and sexy, funny, lame, bad or just a joke? If it was an anonymous letter did you know or ever find out who it was and how? Did you ever go out with the person that sent the letter or did you curve him/her, what happened after reading the letter?

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