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Universal Soul Connection

When it comes to relationships we all got different intakes on how they should be and how they posed to make you feel

But do we understand that in relationships there should be loyalty and always keep it real with your spouse. Come to understand most of us in relationships tend to hide things from the other and the reasoning would be to protect whomever feelings but does it really seem like your hiding the truth for you to not be the one hurt

Example some people dish things out but when it’s turned on them they don’t like it

One things about it everybody has feelings some people just has ways of hiding it and coping with it better than other but all humans beings react off emotions even if it’s not intentionally. Come to understand that some peoples past reflect on how they act today some just been hurt , lost , confused , just need real love all types of things but the big picture is you have to find that with the inner you before exploring with someone else.

Entering that journey then you come to realize in the relationship the word relations mean a lot such of you and your spouse some way being connected to each other which indulge in the universe you can’t be connected unless you connect it

Once you realize the inner you and the inner connections to another’s body its nothing you can’t do you could heal your spouse just by a touch only because I connected with myself first then took the time out the connect with his inner self

It’s a lot of things connection wise we could be doing some have no idea about always be open with your spouse let them in your world help them understand you in your words , mind , and soul .

Once connected with you it’s literally nothing to connect with somebody else as knowing where to touch them at to relax them easing their pain away with just a strong rub of connection.

Take it from me try to understand everything about your spouse don’t leave no chapter closed just open yourself up to engaging in your other and letting you know there would be nothing you wouldn’t understand about him or her even if it comes down to you having to guide your spouse guide them to the finish line because the mindset is us against everybody stand big on loyalty

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