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Black Diamond X Rated focuses on bringing couples closer together by adding an X-rated element to the relationship through education, entertainment and Black Diamond X Rated community member’s effort. We educate through several categories throughout our site via posts and blogs such as Sex Tips, Sex Talk, Her Secrets, and His Thoughts. These blogs and posts also allow us to teach and learn through each other. Post and blogs also includes researched information for several sexual topics that are beneficial to our everyday and sex life.  For the entertainment aspect, the Black Diamond X Rated creator started creating X-rated games dating back since 2009. As years went by, one game turned into more which turned into a product line ranging from cards games, board games to apps. For right now Black Diamond X Rated games will be available to the public through the Black Diamond X Rated site.


Please Note:

Apps and other games may be available at a later date if not currently on site.

We ask that you please have respect for our site and our member.

Any inappropriate use of are site or any inappropriate behavior and or actions may result in disciplinary action by Black Diamond X Rated such as being blocked from the site. 

Please enjoy site and games.

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