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The mission and main focus of Black Diamond X Rated is to bring couples closer together by helping unifying and solidifying relationships in numerous ways through education entertainment and more. One of the ways is with the assistance of the Black Diamond X Rated Community. The Black Diamond X Rated community is made up of our subscribers, through this it allows the regular everyday person to give their perspective on relationship issues and topics of their choice. This gives viewers a broad view and understanding of what is sought after and/or what is expected in a relationship. Through categories such as Her Secrets where women can write and post what they feel men should understand when in a relationship, or His Thoughts where men can write and post what they feel women should understand when in a relationship. Along with categories such as Sex Tips where the Black Diamond X Rated Community shares different sex tips and advice, and Sex Talk where viewers can learn based on the community’s sexual related discussions, debates, experience, stories and more. We believe through our community efforts we can educate, learn, and help each other improve our relationships in today’s society.

Although a relationship isn’t all about sex but sex can play a key role. According to “Sex can play a role in increasing intimacy between romantic partners, and regular sex is linked to lower divorce rates among married couples. It can also offer benefits for physical and psychological health including lowering stress, improving sleep, and boosting immune function.” I believe that God created sex for more than just reproducing but to create a strong bond between the love a man and a woman has for each other with the capabilities of healing each other both physical and mentally. So basically you can heal the one you love by making love and vice versa. That is why one of the ways we help bring couples closer together is also by adding a Black Diamond X-Rated element to the relationship.

The Black Diamond X Rated element consists of but not limited to education, health, and entertainment. We provide different categories such as Sex Tips, Sex Talk, and more via posts, blogs, videos and etc. These categories focus more so on couple’s pleasure which also consists of researched information to help improve our sex life and everyday health along with advice and information from the Black Diamond X Rated Community.

For the entertainment aspect, Black Diamond X Rated creator started creating X-rated games dating back since 2009. As years went by, one game turned into more which turned into a product line ranging from cards games, board games to apps. The Black Diamond X Rated games aren’t only for bedroom entertainment purposes nor are they only fun and spontaneous, they are also sexually educational. Visit the Black Diamond X Rated store for more.



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