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"Remember it’s not what you do it’s how you do it, explore
your sexual creativity and be sexually creative have fun and enjoy."




The objective of the game is to Shoot Ur Shot and finish the game with the most cards.

Supplies Needed:

  • BDXR Play’n Cards

  • Nerf Guns

  • Preferably a doorway

  • 1 Clothespins Clips

  • 2 Push Pins

  • 1 Laces

Set up:

First you will need two push pin per lace.

With the push pins tightly hang the laces horizontally across the doorway. The doorway will allow you to have space to shoot and with a close door you will be able to control where the Nerf darts goes.

After hanging the laces across the doorway, place the clothespins nose side facing down on the laces.

Hang 1 row of lace as instructed above.

Hang 1 clothespin per lace



First shuffle cards then remove 15-20 cards from the deck while faced down to create the Shooter’s Deck (neither player can look at the face value of these cards). Place the remaining cards aside to create the Reckless Shooter’s Deck.  Form the Shooter’s Deck take the top card and hang the card on the clothespin with the back facing forward. Makes sure the card is hung by the tip allowing the cards to be loose enough to shoot down.  

To determine who goes first, both players are required to take a shot, the first to finish goes first.

For none drinker, remove a card from the reckless Shooter’s Deck then hang that card on the clothespin. Both players will attempt a shot at the target; the first player to hit the card goes first. Afterwards places that card in the middles of the reckless Shooter’s Deck. Or a simple game of rock paper scissors will due.  


To start the shooter must stand at least 8-10 feet from targets.

Ready, Aim, Shoot!!!

BDXR Rules:

If a shooter shoots a card down the opposing player will then have to perform the task from that card on the shooter. But if a shooter misses by not hitting anything or hits a card but doesn’t shoot the card down, the shooter will have to take the top card from the Reckless Shooter’s Deck and preform the task from that card on the opposing player. (Each shooter is required to hold the card that they shot down until the end of the game).

If all cards from the Reckless Shooter’s Deck are played before the game ends, deck is to be shuffled and played again.


End of game:

The games end once all the cards from the Shooter’s Deck are empty.

Game automatically ends once a player shoots down a “U Got Teased” card. The player that shoots this card automatically loses along with their teammate if playing teams. Game will start over and losing player will shuffle and hang cards for the next game.




The winner is determined by who has the most cards. Losing player will shuffle and hang cards for the next game.

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Black Diamond X Rated Play’n Cards


These are some of the terms and definitions for the Black Diamond X Rated Play’n Card Deck. Terms are printed on each card representing a task performed by players on their partner or opponent. The definition of the term can be found below.  


Roll Dices- Player with this card would roll both dices and preform task on dices

Roll Dice- BLACK (task) or RED (place on the body) blank line represents the color of the dice you would roll.


For example:

When a BLACK line appears _ _ _ _ _ you would roll the BLACK dice.

When a RED line appears _ _ _ _ _ you would roll the RED dice.

Your Choice- Player with this card and or if  dice lands on it has the choice to come up with a task or choose a place on the body depending on the dice or card.

If a player has a card with a task and has to also roll a dice with a task, the player will have to choose which place(s) on their partner's/opponent's body they want to perform both tasks on. Players can choose to roll the other dice to decide where on the body to perform the tasks on. Vice versa, if a player has a card and has to roll a dice with a certain place on the body, the player will choose which task(s) they want to perform on their partner's/opponent's body from both card and dice. Players can choose to roll the other dice to decide task(s).

Wild Card- Any task can be performed by the player with this card or the player can have another player perform any game related task asked by player with this card. Player also has the option of asking any questions they want or roll dices and etc.


Hold Your Breath- Players would kiss as long as they can; the first player to pull away is declared the loser and winner is rewarded the point(s) to depending on on the game being played.

??????- This card allows a player to ask anyone any question he/she wants.

If a player chooses to pass on a question that player would have to take a shot or perform a task on the player asking the question.


Skip- Player gets to skip a task


Take Shot- Any time a card with take a shot or a shot glass images appears it time to take one to the head. (Non-drinkers have the option to strip a clothing item, roll the dices, accept a dare, or preform a task from the cards)

Body Shot- Player would take a shot off another player (usually from the belly, stomach abdomen area).


Never Have I Ever- Player with this card would ask another player about things they have never done before other players who have done this thing respond by taking shot or strip and item of clothing (player’s choice).  


Truth Or Dare- Player with this card would ask a player to choose between Truth and Dare. The other player would have the option to choice between the two, truth being a question that the player being asked would have to answer truthfully, and dare being a task asked by the player with the card. But for TRUTH if a player decided not to answer, that player would have to taking shot or strip and item of clothing (player’s choice).


U Got Teased- You are OUT, this is an automatic losing card, you lose, you're done, and any player who wins a hand with this card automatically loses. (U GOT TEASED)

4th cards dices & timer.jpg
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