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How to tell if a man is really into you

By Anonymous Author

You can tell he's interested in you, but you're not sure whether it's reciprocated. After all, he might be reaching out for a variety of reasons, including boredom, loneliness, being sociable, or even job or business. In order to avoid being taken advantage of, you must also avoid misreading him and being left unsatisfied.

The risks of failing to understand men and how they think as a dating and relationship coach are well known to me. You run the danger of falling in love with someone who doesn't reciprocate your emotions if you misinterpret their behavior. As a result, the ultimate source of suffering is rejection.

To keep your heart safe, it's a good idea to be aware of what he really thinks about you.

Secret Signs that HE likes you

He Admires You

Women that have something that men appreciate and respect are attractive to men. Maybe he envies your "greater patience" because you've accomplished something tough or experienced something they want they could achieve for themselves.

A man's admiration for you might be hard to gauge. If he makes good remarks about you or asks about your achievements, it's a sign that he respects you.

A man's admiration for a woman is an evidence of his strong interest in and regard for her. Even if he doesn't express it explicitly, he longs to spend more time with you and get closer to you.

He's always in touch

If a guy is interested in you, he will use subtle and not-so-subtle means to communicate with you and spend time with you. Even asking you to every single social function may be considered part of the plan. It implies that he will send you strange advice that he thinks would benefit you professionally or personally because he wants to "help."

Is he a regular attendee of your social events? Does he, for example, consistently make an effort to attend events where you are? Moreover, does he always begin a dialogue with you on his own? A yes to any of these questions indicates his interest in you.

He Pays Consistent Attention to You

I advise ladies to notice how frequently and consistently a guy starts conversation with them. Consistency = interest. Consider your most essential hobbies or people; you are usually more consistent with them than others.

Most of us regularly communicate with our closest friends and family members. Because of their value, we must keep in touch and be consistent. Exercise, work, eating, sleeping, etc. are all crucial tasks that need a regular and consistency.

When a man texts you even when you don't text him, it signifies importance. You matter to him subliminally. And if he values you, he must like you!


A man's feelings for a woman are constant and predictable. You will see it. He won't make you guess. It's nice to seek for signals he's into you, but trust your gut. However, a guy who is unhappy or too emotional may withdraw or seem confused. But if he's into you, he'll re-establish communication and resume displaying interest.

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