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What is love to me!

Love! The word rather says a feeling is a very hot topic and everyone seems to be an expert

in it. But I am not an expert in it. I just have my point of view towards love and life. According to me, love is an endless feeling that cannot be described in words but I would do my best to tell my thoughts and approach towards love.

“To me, love is feeling that destroy or improve a man’s thinking.”

For me life without love is pointless. To me, love and life are as much important to each other as butter is to bread. When two people fall in love they should show devotion to each other, a commitment that they would stand with each other in the hardest times. When any of them go through a hard phase, the other one would be there to support him or her at least emotionally. Love is a mutual understanding. Someone can get to know how much you love a person, just knowing how much you understand that person that you claim to be in love with. Love does not need to be shown purposely. If you love a person loves truly and from the deepest of your heart, you do not need to do anything to realize that person about your feeling, that person would realize on his own. Because true love does its work on its own it does not need any expensive and luxury gifts to express itself.

Love is caring about other people, Caring for the person even if she or he is with you. You can not bear any harm to the person to whom you love. You want to be around that person every time and don’t want to get away from that person. You can not imagine your life without that person. It is love when a person accepts you with all your faults and mistakes and even after finding something bad that happens in your past, her or his affection does not change towards you. He or she likes all your small habits and does not get annoyed by any of your habits. Love is that feeling because of which you always chose that person whom you love over you.

Love cannot be reduced by staying away. It even grows stronger”

I have seen couples breaking up just because they do not get time for each other or a person is not able to get some quality time for spending with his or her partner. I would suggest to them that they should not stay together or in the relationship because if they need to fight just because one is not getting attention from the other, then they are not meant to be with each other. They are not in love. Love is respecting each other’s opinions and giving them an equal chance to make the choices for their life. Yeah, it's your responsibility to give an honest and good suggestion but you should not impose your decisions and choices in their life. You should have respect for the choices that your partner made in his or her life and do not humiliate him or her, rather support him or her. Because when you accept that you are in love with a person. You should love not only that person but also everything related to that person.

In the end, I would say, that you should be loyal to the person whom you are and never tell a lie to him or her. Because a lie can destroy a whole life and a healthy relationship. You should know that,

“ you can’t love a person if you are not loyal and honest to that person.”

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