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10 Attributes That Make You Husband Material In Her Eyes

you ever wondered what women consider to be “husband material?”

We can tell you that it goes way beyond looks. In fact, a woman will sacrifice the standard “tall, dark, and handsome” guy, if she is found by the one who holds the qualities that we will reveal below. While there are many attributes that we could list, we are confident that what we’re going to share with you today will give you a great starting point to determine if you are husband material. Let’s dive in: 1. You love her good qualities, but you also accept and embrace her “not so good” qualities, without making her feel guilty for being human and having flaws. No individual should feel the need to hide their true selves from their partner. One should be able to let their guard down, without fear that they will be judged for being less than perfect. If you can allow a woman the space to be her true self, feel vulnerable, and feel safe while exposing it all to you – you’ll find that it will draw the two of you closer, and you’ve just checked off one of the boxes to being husband material. 2. You consider her whenever you’re making a decision, whether it’s big or small. It’s important to remember that a relationship (especially a marriage) is a partnership; it is not a dictatorship. When you factor in her thoughts and opinions, it shows her that you respect her input. If you are used to being single, or not having to check in with someone, then it may not be easy to take her thoughts into account, initially. If you can remember to be cognizant of her input, however, you will make for great husband material. 3. You’re there for her, even when it may be inconvenient for you. Marriage is all about making sacrifices and being willing to compromise for the greater good of your relationship. If we’ve learned nothing else over the past couple of years, it is that life is indeed unpredictable, and can lead us into the unexpected. While we can plan ahead, we know it to be a fact that nothing goes 100% as planned all of the time. If you are indeed husband material, you can almost anticipate her needs before she has to voice them. Even if you can’t do that initially, it’s imperative that you are there for her when she needs you, that you are present and in the situation with her, and that no matter what, you stand by her side until you both come out victorious. 4. You’re willing to put effort into the relationship. It’s important that you are not nonchalant or unwilling to help your spouse find solutions to problems that will inevitably arise. If you are husband material, you are constantly on the quest to find solutions to the problems that arise, you aim to work harder each and every day, and you strive to be the best man that you can be for your wife. It’s important to zero in and focus on your spouse and their happiness, if you marry the right woman, you can trust that she’s doing the same for you, so you both win in the end. 5. You’re able to effectively communicate, even surrounding tough issues. It’s important that you set the tone for healthy communication in your marriage. Your wife should never fear bringing up a topic, thinking that it will lead to a full out argument, even if you two do disagree. Both parties should have mutual respect for what the other person has to say. Truthfully, every relationship will face its share of obstacles – there will be arguments and miscommunication – but it’s important that you lead the way to your marriage coming out better and stronger through open communication. 6. You’re trustworthy. Your wife should feel safe being open and honest with you, no matter the topic, without fearing that you will violate the bond and trust that the two of you share. Even more than that, she should not feel that you will use anything against her in the future. Your future spouse should have confidence in the fact that you won’t randomly up and leave her (or even threaten to do so), that you won’t cause her to question your actions or motives, and that you’ll never intentionally do anything to hurt or harm her. 7. You share common beliefs and values. You’d think this one would be obvious, but it often goes overlooked. It is important that you and your future mate are on the same page when it comes down to the issues that really, truly matter. Even if you don’t fully agree on something, it is imperative that you both mutually respect where the other stands on that issue. It’s important to discuss religious beliefs, lifestyle preferences, core values, where you want to live, and whether you both want children (just to name a few) – regardless of where you each stand, it is important to work together in an effort to reach a common, middle ground of understanding. 8. You’re a growth-oriented individual. Now, just as you shouldn’t expect her to be perfect and flawless, she shouldn’t expect the same from you in return. With that being said, it is still important that you value your overall growth as it pertains to strengthening your character, and just being a better person in general. Refusing to be growth-oriented means that you are willing to remain stagnant, and that is simply not husband material. 9. You want to actually marry her. You could have all of the most amazing attributes in the world, but if you don’t truly want to get married, then being husband material doesn’t really matter. Most men know early on if they want to marry a woman or not. It’s important to communicate your desires and expectations with her in the onset, so that your future spouse is not receiving mixed signals from you. Men often have very distinct reasons as to why “right now” is not the best time to get married. If it isn’t the best time, trust that she can handle it – what she can’t handle, however, is walking around every day uncertain as to whether or not she’s the one you’ll make your wife. 10. You’re willing to fight for your marriage. Simply put, marriage is hard. You can’t be a quitter or someone who gives up too easily. If you are, then you’re not husband material. Each and every day you will be faced with making a conscientious decision as to whether or not you want to continue putting in the effort to make it all work. If you choose her over and over again, even when it’s hard, then you are indeed husband material. Do you any husband qualities that you’d like more insight on, or perhaps a few that we’ve missed but you think should definitely be included? Tell us in the comments below! Regardless, we hope this article gave you clarity surrounding some of the qualities that make a man husband material. If you are lacking in any area, choose just 1 to focus in on until you begin to master it. Don’t delay, your wife is waiting for you!

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