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10 Emotional Needs of a Woman in a Relationship

Many men are surprised to discover that there actually are simple things they can do to dramatically improve their relationships with women, but it's true. Researchers have found certain key emotional needs that all women share - and when these needs are met, women are much happier in life and in love.

1) A Woman Feels Safest When Her Guy Is Strong and Decisive

A man who is a rock with clear goals, unwavering determination, and the confidence to take charge of any situation. Even if you're not "the boss" of your relationship, it's essential that your woman feels as though you could be if you needed to be. To her, this means that you're strong and that she can trust you, and it makes her much more attracted to you than if you show weakness.

2) A Woman Feels Cared for When a Man Is Affectionate with Her

Touching is essential to women - in fact, physical touch may well be the most important emotional need. To maintain attraction in your relationship, show your woman plenty of affection: give hugs, rub her back and shoulders, hold hands when you're out together and sit close when you watch TV or read the newspaper. Remember that the heat isn't always sexual: just cuddling up on the couch can meet this need very effectively!

3) When A Woman Feels Supported, She Feels Loved

When a man anticipates his woman's needs or supports her in her goals - whether they be career-related, family-related, romantic, etc. - he lets her know that he cares about her feelings and wants to help her succeed. By supporting your woman in this way, you show that you care about the relationship and that it matters to YOU when she succeeds.

4) A Woman's Desire for Sex Is HIGHLY Related to Feeling Loved by Her Man

Most women think of love as a verb rather than an emotion: in fact, some women define love entirely as "the actions which demonstrate I am cared for." When a woman feels loved by the man in her life, she automatically feels aroused at him on many levels. Rather than thinking of this as " I want him to touch me," focus on the feelings that arise when she feels desired and cared for.

5) A Lack of Communication Is a Major Cause of Relationship Problems

A woman needs a man who will open up and talk honestly about his feelings, thoughts, and doubts. We all have insecurities, fears, and negative thoughts from time to time - it's crucial that your woman can share these things with you. When your woman knows she can express herself honestly without fear of rejection or judgment from you - that is very attractive indeed!

6) A Woman Wants to Feel Understood by Her Man

In simple terms, understanding means making sense of something. For example: when you understand how she feels, you've taken the time to listen to what she has said and attempt to relate to her feelings in a way that makes sense. You can't agree or disagree, but you can reflect back - "It sounds like you were feeling sad because your sister was so happy."

7) When A Woman Feels Trusted, She Feels Loved

When a man is trustworthy and reliable with his decisions, words, behaviour, etc., he lets his woman know that he's on her side and not out looking for every opportunity possible to take advantage of her. Many men hear this as 'letting your woman boss you around.' Still, it really just means making sure that the two of you are working together towards similar goals. Whether it's a small decision like what to do on a night out or something more serious like her career goals and ambitions, if your woman knows she can rely on you for sound judgment, she'll feel much happier with you.

8) A Woman Will Always Want to Share New Experiences with The Man She Feels Safe With

It seems self-evident that when a woman feels safe in your company, she wants to spend time with you and build memories together. Still, it deserves mentioning here because this need is so critical. When we don't allow someone we care about to affect us emotionally, it's very easy to become careless and thinkless in our actions towards them. This kind of behaviour does not give rise to feelings of safety. So remember: when you've had a bad day, and she's telling you about her problems, listen to what she says and go out of your way to be supportive - she'll appreciate it!

9) When A Woman Feels Cherished, She Feels Loved

When a man goes out of his way to show that he genuinely cherishes his woman by doing thoughtful things for her and taking the time and effort to let her know how special she is to him, she will be much more willing to return those affections. Most men know that women like surprises: but not many realize how important small everyday gestures like bringing home flowers or running a bath can be. Don't wait for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries (although obviously, these are great moments to express your love) - remind her you to care for her daily, which will be the best way of showing her.

10) A Woman Is Most Attracted to a Man Who Wants What She Wants, Rather Than Trying to Own Her

When a man shows his appreciation and desire for something in the woman he loves without acting like an object he can take possession of, she feels more attracted and willing to reciprocate his feelings. For example, if your wife loves shopping but hates it, understanding why she enjoys doing it can go a long way towards meeting in the middle.


Understanding and fulfilling a woman's emotional needs can create a deeper connection with her. If you want to build a long-lasting relationship with the woman in your life, start by considering what makes her feel loved and appreciated. What do you think are some of the women's most important emotional needs? Let us know in the comments below!

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