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3 Things Women Expect From Their Intimate Partners: The Real Definition of True Love

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

By Florence Miles

Love is one of the most significant aspects of human beings. Some scholars have classified love among the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing; love becomes the fourth basic need. To women, love is beyond a mere existence of an intimate partner in their lives. Women regard true love as a partnership characterized by unbreakable, unwavering, and unparalleled devotion and fondness to their partners. True love is also a physical and immeasurably deep connection with their partners. It runs to the extent that life without him, the significant other, is unbearable and unthinkable.

What then do women consider achieving this true love by their partners?

1. Women Need Love

Women love men who love them and show it in public about their love. A woman believes that if a man loves her, he will always not be shy of having her around in public places and when hanging out with friends. Women who feel loved often love and stay open and free with their partners. When loved, the positive arguments, the great sex, and then dissipate, and the nurturing of the feminine energy flows in their relationship for eternity. Women also like it when the partner asks whether or not she is happy in the relationship. If she is not satisfied, they need the partner to adjust to the needs of the women to show true love. As a man, you should learn to read the words and actions of the woman. A satisfied woman always loves and feels happy.

2. Women Need Care

Care is one thing that all women need in a relationship. Some psychologists believe that women were created like children, and they are old children who feel lonely so much. They always want to feel safe around someone they love and respect. As a man, you should always give this protection to your woman to ensure that she is always happy. There is an intense war waged on women's self-esteem, safety, and sexuality in society today. For this reason, women want to feel great and protected against the hostile world too. Therefore, they see their partners as the only pillar to offer this protection. As a man, often show your woman that you protect them and that they are always safe with you.

3. Women Need To Feel Sexually Desired and Appreciated

The difference between your relationship with your partner and your relationship with other people is sex. Women need sexual desire from their men. They want you as their partner to see them as sexually attractive and charming.

Develop the habit of praising a woman's body as you grab and feel her appreciatively. Always remind her of her sexual completeness and how satisfactory she is to you. This arouses the woman and makes her love you and want to showcase herself to you every often.

The Bottom Line

Women are delicate creatures. If you have one, treat her as such. If you are looking for one, be ready to give the best to her. She is a machine that offers an output based on the input provided. A woman needs care, love, and sexual attraction from their mane. With that, they are the best person you can have around as a man. Get one today and try out the tips.

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