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Woman's Perspective on Relationship

By Erica Palmer

People always ask what women want in men and what they look like in relationships. We do not want much from a woman’s perspective, but certain things are essential in a relationship. Being single is not astonishing, as people say, since there are sure that women find it adorable to be in a relationship. There is something beautiful in being young, committed, and independent at the same time.

It should be known that women do not look at men’s looks since personality plays a big key. Girls can fall for looks, but women fall in love with personality.

Best Friends

Men are always girls’ best friends when they are in a relationship since he is always there, and when the lady has issues with her friends, the dude is always there. If one is in a dilemma situation like what to do and what to wear, relax, and give honest advice. If one is a fun person, they always love that their partner would be a fun person when she is around, and if he is not when she is around, he can compensate for her.

Everybody feels like they are not perfect, but when they are there, they can be themselves since nobody is perfect and has flaws. Nobody is perfect, and they would not judge you and would accept you with your perfections and flaws.


Women like honest men why because lying makes things worse. Women love the truth even if it hurts, and I do not know why men love to hide or lie, thinking that it would make things simple; one thing is that it will not.


Women’s perspective on relationships is that they help each other grow, and they can freely tell each other their strengths and weakness while having each other’s back during happy and sad times. The gent will always push the lady to strengthen her stronghold while pushing her abilities forward. They always look for someone who can remind them often that they are loved and cherished and can do anything for them. He helps her take up new challenges and face them together. He helps you to grow one’s talent and is often the cheerleader.

He helps you take photos during special moments in life, and you two can take as many photos together for memories and make cute and weird photos together.

Women always want someone they can act stupid with and childish together. They can relive their childhood together since not everything is that serious. You always have someone to act stupid with, taking up challenges, facing them together, going for an adventure, try new things without any fear.

One can argue or fight with him when they are in their worst moods but still, help her calm down without fighting back. What more can one ask for since he is a person who is a friend, best friend, family, and a person that you love. One can even decide to spend the rest of their life together because he is the remarkable man you love.


The most important thing that women look for is loyalty. Women want men that would remain faithful, and it is a turn-off when a man is not faithful, and the lady loves him. Real men do not love a million different women; they love one woman in a million different ways.

The Little Things

Women love the little things since they make them happy; they matter and always outdo the big things. Men, just be yourself, be confident, and go after that woman you have a crush on. Without love, a man is just a body, an empty temple without the deity; with love, the deity arrives, the temple is no emptier.

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