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When we say a woman "has perspective," we're referring to her ability to see things clearly. A woman must have the sense that her man loves her truly, intimately, completely, and completely. Your love must encircle her heart in the same way your arms encircle her body. She must be adored, desired, and treasured. If you're monogamous, she wants to know that your admiration is always reserved for her and only her.


Love is a feeling that develops over time as two people get to know each other and share life's many ups and downs. It necessitates dedication, time, mutual trust, and acceptance. Care, intimacy, protectiveness, attraction, affection, and trust are all involved. Love can be intense at times and change over time. It can cause pleasant emotions such as happiness, enthusiasm, life satisfaction, and exhilaration, but it can also cause negative emotions such as jealousy and tension.

When it comes to love, some people consider it to be one of the most significant human feelings. It has reached the point where living without him, the significant other, is intolerable and inconceivable.

What are some examples of love signs? Researchers have distinguished between "liking" and "loving" feelings for another individual. Romantic love, according to psychologist Zick Rubin, has three components: a need for physical contact and acceptance, as well as a desire to be with someone else

● Intimacy means valuing the other person's happiness and needs as much as your own.

● Caring: valuing the other person's happiness and needs as much as your own.

● Sharing private thoughts, feelings, and desires with one another.


In short, while there is no one-size-fits-all approach to falling in love, there are a few significant physical and emotional indicators to look for:

● Your thoughts come back to them on a regular basis.

● With them, you feel safe.

● Life has become more exciting.

● You'd want to spend a lot of time with each other.

● You're a little envious of other people's lives.


In every romantic relationship, you have the right to expect certain “basics.”

People have high expectations for how they will be treated in a good enough relationship. They expect to be treated with respect, kindness, love, and tenderness. They will not put up with verbal or physical abuse. They anticipate their partner's loyalty. You should also expect your partner to share their time, interests, and generosity with you.

The eight "basics" you have a right to expect from every love relationship are listed below.

1. Affection

Physical affection, such as hugging, kissing, back or foot rubs, or holding hands, is very significant in romantic relationships and can be shown through words, conduct, or both. Your spouse should enjoy you as a person and be able to show it in a way that you can understand.

2. Compassion

When you're hurting, you have the right to expect your partner to provide "a comfortable place to fall," as Phil McGraw put it. If you're in agony, he or she should be gentle with you. A partner is not required to read your thoughts or to be "in it" with you. They don't have to have the same feelings as you. It only needs to be important to him or her that you are unhappy.

3. Respect

Respect is shown by a decent relationship, both for you as a person and for your boundaries. Even if he or she disagrees with you, a respectful spouse would never call you names or insult you, even if it's "only teasing." A respectful spouse recognizes and admires your qualities, is understanding of your flaws, and does not knowingly violate your boundaries.

4. Consideration

A caring partner considers how his or her actions impact you. They don't have to give you everything you want or do everything you want, but they do owe you the courtesy of thinking about things from your perspective. If your spouse doesn't do this, you're being treated like a pet rock who doesn't need to be cared for or fed. (And I'm sure you're not one of can't read.)

5. Time

Every relationship is built on the foundation of spending time together. It's not always possible to avoid your partner's absence. However, if he or she rarely or never makes time for you, or if the time you spend together is routinely rationed, you may want to consider how much more of your own time you're willing to devote to them.

6. Interest

It's normal to assume that your partner cares more about you than the typical person. His or her attention should be piqued by at least some of your actions, opinions, thoughts, feelings, and so on. You both deserve better than a partner who isn't interested in you as a person and is only in the relationship to avoid being alone.

7. Intimacy

Sex and intimacy are not the same thing. It entails allowing yourself to be known and desiring to learn everything there is to know about your spouse. "Are you a morning or night person?" isn't the only question. Being familiar with each other's emotional, vulnerable selves is a sign of genuine connection.

8. Generosity

A truly generous partner delights in assisting, comforting, or assisting you in various ways. A partner like this doesn't have to shower you with presents or take you on lavish vacations. The ultimate gift is to give oneself completely in a relationship. Your lover is being generous if they offer you any of the items on this list.


"Hobby stuff" has no definition in the Urban Dictionary. Some people, on the other hand, define "husband material" as a man who is perfect enough to marry one day. It's almost comical how self-explanatory that is. In general, there isn't much discussion about what makes a man suitable for marriage. However, the typical replies involve a combination of physical beauty, solid employment, and consistent money.

If you're currently single, there's a good chance you've made a list of the qualities you want in a partner. Are you tall, dark, and attractive? Sure, However, you understand that, in the larger scheme of things, a dashing appearance is far from the most significant quality a guy may possess. Here's what will make him marriage material if you're ready to settle down and find genuine love:


Doubting your man is never a pleasant feeling. In a partnership, honesty and trust are essential. You have to trust him if he says he wants to hang out with his guy pals (and not actually go out with his cute new coworker). The rest of your relationship should flow effortlessly once you've developed trust with each other.


Even if he cracks up at "Dad jokes," being able to laugh and have a good time about anything is a quality that your partner should possess. The ideal guy stays away from childish antics and can find comedy in ordinary situations. It's much better if he can lighten the mood during difficult times. When things appear to be hopeless, it might be difficult to find a good laugh.


One of the most common sources of conflict between couples is money. You want a guy who isn't afraid to splurge on occasion but also understands that spending his entire paycheck on video games isn't a good idea. This guy understands that rent and utilities are more important than expensive new clothes and lavish dinners.


We've all had weekends where we've been a bit too reliant on the sofa, but in the larger scheme of things, your ideal boyfriend won't be scared to walk outside and have an adventure with you. He is eager to learn as much as he can and has no qualms about venturing into the unknown.


Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has that one weird flaw that is hopefully cute and not terrifying. Your ideal guy will accept you just as you are, and won’t try to change you. In fact, maybe he was drawn to you based on that quirk.


This is a crucial point. You want to be with someone who encourages you to be the best version of yourself. He’ll never outwardly say that you should change, but you’ll evolve naturally due to the fact that he believes in you. The best relationships help us mature into well-rounded, happy individuals.

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